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 Self-Governance and Our Democratic Learning Community

We have developed a schedule that allows students to connect with their new school and the adults in our learning community. Students meet regularly during a Futures Advisory class to assist them in developing positive relationships in our school and to work on habits of school success. All students participate in the school governance process and have opportunities to run our weekly school-wide Town Meeting, in which we use Roberts Rules of Order. Student and teacher morale is high at our school due in part to our unique approach to the teaching and learning process. Our Democratic Learning Community empowers students to take ownership of their learning and their school by transforming power from “Power Over” To “Power With.”


Our Strategies

  • Highly-individualized support – Advisory (includes Naviance, Career & College Search, CAPT Prep, PSAT/SAT prep, Resume/College Essay Writing); Senior Capstone; College Study; Teen Outreach Program; Peer Mentoring; After-school Tutoring Support; Credit Recovery Program – students are scheduled in some of these support blocks to address individual needs.

  • Connecting Room  - available to students in need of immediate assistance to address problems that are interfering with their engagement in learning.

  • Service Learning – one block per week, in which all students participate in clubs, organizations, and activities dedicated to serving the community. Service Learning is a fundamental component of our curriculum.


Collaborative Problem Solving: Town Meetings

We have used the Town Meeting as the forum for addressing challenges as opportunities to improve our school. Two of our primary challenges we confront each year are attendance issues and CAPT performance. In two of the past three years, we have brought these issues to the entire learning community as opportunities to work collaboratively to address these issues, and developed solutions such as:

  • Attendance requirements for earning A or B in any course
  • Advisory Buddies: Students contact absent students who are absent during Advisory to encourage them to come to school
  • Teacher Advisory Team: Teachers call home of each student absent during Advisory
  • Parent meetings – 4 unexcused absences in one month results in a mandatory parent meeting
  • Student Assistance Team meetings scheduled for students for whom attendance is beginning to be an issue
  • Students struggling with attendance assigned a trained Peer Mentor
  • Habits for Success Program participation and contract




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